Behind the Scenes

  • Setting up a Private Drum Lesson Business.

    It’s been a roller coaster for the past 3 weeks, thinking about P37 Drums. I never thought I’d end up setting up my own private practice, but this new chapter of life has already taught me new things about myself, and how to deal with ambiguity, mostly. When I first decided to run this on…

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  • Drum Exams.

    I had my first encounter with drum exams at 19. I was working in my piano teacher’s school at that time (as a drum teacher), and was thinking of upgrading myself. Back then, having about 6 years of drumming under my belt, I just about had the technical knowledge to teach, but unfortunately did not…

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  • Transcribing music.

    I’ve been charting out tons of music over the past month, mostly song requests from students. It’s good practice; the process sharpens my listening skills and the transcribed songs are never a wasted effort, as it adds more content into the curriculum. On average, it takes about an hour for me to chart a song,…

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  • 2 weeks into Drum Lessons.

    Classes have been refreshing, I’ve a good mix of age groups (youngest being almost 4 and the oldest at 69 years young). I have to say, teaching again has made me feel happy and fulfilled, I wake up everyday looking forward to classes, there’s no sense of dread or boredom. Every student is different, and…

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