In endeavoring a private drum lesson business, I’m constantly worrying about how to get new students. It’s a very real and logical fear, and it’s this healthy fear that motivates me to give my best to my students. Never shortchange those that you serve.

The fact of the matter is, no matter how well you serve your students, they would naturally leave one day. Students having work commitments, enlisting for NS, exams, migrating overseas etc., which begs the question, “then how to ensure a steady stream of new enrollments?”.

Acquiring new customers is something that all businesses face, and each business and industry would have to figure out how to generate demand for themselves.

Social media has become very powerful in this day and age. Being the private person that I am, I always rejected the idea of putting myself out there on the internet. I have learnt to be more open and bold, knowing that by constantly churning content out on my social media platforms, it would increase the probability of having potential students learn from me.

I have been creating drum covers/ drum lesson videos for 3 months now, posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I put them up on FB, Instagram, Telegram, and very recently, on TikTok. I must say that the results have been encouraging; the business is getting more buzz from old friends, colleagues, friends of friends, and I have managed to enroll a number of students from these platforms.

The old ways of publicity are becoming more obsolete, and I’m glad that I’m slowly learning to move with the times as we enter this digital age.

~Teacher Joel~

~Private Drum Teacher from Pasir Ris, Elias Road, Singapore~

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