Behind the Scenes

  • Setting up a Private Drum Lesson Business.

    It’s been a roller coaster for the past 3 weeks, thinking about P37 Drums. I never thought I’d end up setting up my own private practice, but this new chapter of life has already taught me new things about myself, and how to deal with ambiguity, mostly. When I first decided to run this on…

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  • Thanksgiving 2023.

    It’s been an awesome 6 months since the start of P37. As I reflect on the past year, I am thankful that my life has improved significantly. I’m in a better position, mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. I have more time on my hands to spend time with my family, I exercise very regularly now…

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  • Playing with other musicians.

    I just finished about an hours’ worth of piano practice, rehearsing 2 mandarin songs. Boy are these songs tough! The average tempo of the tunes are between 140-160bpm. I’m preparing these songs so that I can jam with my students on their next lesson. Students come in often, requesting for songs that they would like…

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  • Accommodating to every students’ drumming needs.

    It’s been about 5 months since starting P37. I took a considerable amount of time and late nights developing my personal drumkit syllabus, thinking that it would form the bulk of my classes; turns out I was completely wrong. Having a healthy number of regular drum students now, I find myself spending 80% of my…

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