Transcribing music.

I’ve been charting out tons of music over the past month, mostly song requests from students. It’s good practice; the process sharpens my listening skills and the transcribed songs are never a wasted effort, as it adds more content into the curriculum. On average, it takes about an hour for me to chart a song, note for note. Yes it is a long and tedious process, especially when I’m using software to chart sheet music, instead of simply scribbling on paper. It’s definitely more presentable, and easier for students to read.

In addition, it helps give me content ideas for social media. I try and post short video snippets on my Instagram 3 times a week, it’s pretty fun! I’m always thinking of how I can bring value to viewers, and hopefully they get a nugget of inspiration when they watch my videos.

I encourage all musicians to spend time learning to read and write music, it’s a super useful skill to attain, and the skillset will really empower you to be a more well-rounded player.

~Teacher Joel~

~Private Drum Teacher from Pasir Ris, Elias Road, Singapore~

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