Studio Setup is almost complete.

2 electronic drumkits are in working order, keyboard has been set up nicely, I’m off to get a mic stand and some extra cables. The studio is treated with foams, and now it’s not too echo-y inside. Projector visuals are clear, blackout curtains installed. I have a number of trial lessons lined up, so I’m excited to get busier with classes. I’m loving the fact that my days are mostly filled with preparing music and drum notation material for my drum classes; rather than to settle operations, admin, and managing people. It’s a refreshing feeling.

It’s ironic, being a drum teacher, I actually find myself practicing and brushing up my piano skills more than actually playing the drums, as I do music accompaniment for students, playing simple chord progressions along with them as they try and master the concepts I teach.

I’m learning a lot, from fixing my own spoilt hi-hat controller, to buying tons of incorrect cables and adaptors to get the e-kit speakers working. I witnessed a lot of studio set up back in my previous company, but I never really learnt where to get the equipment, and all the different specifications of the electronics required, e.g. Quarter inch cables, mono jack Y- cables, iRigs, Mixing Consoles etc. I’ve never been a hardware person, and it’s refreshing to get to learn about the audio/electronics side of music.

~Teacher Joel~

~Private Drum Teacher from Pasir Ris, Elias Road, Singapore~

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